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Our Story

Our founding team members never quite fit into the traditional "square peg" stereotype of our respective industries.  They tried "fitting in" for over a decade, but never quite acquired a taste for the corporate kool-aid. 

After over a decade in the fashion industry, our head of product realized the fashion "machine" was broken.  She found herself compelled to explore more disruptive materials and approaches in order to achieve innovative, yet responsible lifestyle products. 

Our head of materials development, though initially trained in liberal arts, later obtained his Ph.D in materials science.  This unique combination of artistic and engineering experience helped him attain a deep understanding of the importance of emotion and function in designing new materials and products.

In 2012, they embraced their "odd peg" nature and a shared passion for creating new products and experiences to rally more veterans of industry across materials, interaction design, and bespoke fashion design.   

Together with their collective experience spanning failure and success, they pooled their savings and earnings from freelance gigs and maxed out their credit cards to carve out their own lifestyle design company.

To us, while great products make our lives easier, exceptional products emotionally transform us and make us more interesting.  

That's about it really...


Our Culture


Be Deft, Be Daft

We only care about two types of business: profitable business and funny business. You have to. "Being serious to be taken seriously" only guarantees two things: burnt out employees and heart attacks. A broad sense of humor and a graceful execution of expertise are the greatest representations of wisdom and experience gained through pain and hardship.  

Having these qualities allows you to make uncommon connections and gives you a unique perspective on the world. They give you confidence, allow you to inspire others, and that's where magic happens.  Just look at our FUN board on Pinterest and try to not laugh.  It's super popular for a reason. 

Value What Can't Be Easily Acted On Or Attained

We admire deep craftsmanship, a bold attitude, a strong sense of humor, and a refined sense of creativity. All of these capabilities can only be seen or attained through real action and experience.

Perspective, Not Perception, Fuels Style And Success

We don't care what people think, we care what the right people think: our friends & family, our customers, our co-workers, our partners, our investors, our mentors, etc. These people champion you and help you succeed, because you have a unique perspective. 

A lot of people and companies work to be "perceived" as important or successful, because it's easy: you just have to fool peoples's senses. The problem is such an approach crumbles, epically, in front of people with an actual perspective on the matter. Seems like a lack of leadership and a terrible risk, especially in the era of the internet. 

Look For Inspiration & Excellence In Everything  

Inspiration and excellence can be found anywhere in life: in the arts & sciences, among the poor & rich, in the past & future. Being mindful just seems like common sense to us and we believe it primes us for innovative thinking.